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Double Glazed Windows

The future is here. Otherwise known as Sealed Insulated Glass Units (SIGU), Double-glazed windows have long been a standard in first world countries. The South African construction industry has finally caught up and these windows have become very popular, especially in our extreme climate conditions.

Double glazed windows are made using two panes of glass that are fitted into the aluminium frame. In between the two panes of glass there is a gap that is filled with specialised gas or with standard air.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows:

  • Windows using doubleglazed glass are much more energy efficient. They have a high level of insulation so heat doesn’t transmit to the interior of the building easily. This means the glass keeps the hot air out in Summer and the cold air out in Winter.
  • This glass allows for the best use of natural light.
  • Considerable acoustic properties in that it limits noise pollution into the inside of your structure, creating a pleasant internal environment
  • Increased security by strengthening windows as double glazed windows have an extra layer that is much harder to break through.
  • This type of glass used in windows reduces condensation as the heat is reflected back into the room, warming the inner pane. In areas such as Durban and its surrounding areas, with a higher level of humidity and rainfall, this helps to prevent damage caused by condensation
Technical specs of Double Glazed Windows:

(available in a wide variety of make ups to suit project requirements)


  • 6mm TSG – 12mm Air Gap – 6.38mm Lam – Typical Door make up
  • 4mm TSG – 12mm Air Gap – 4mm TSG – Typical Window make up
  • Performance glass can be added to gain better thermal or acoustic performance